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with 50s through oakland, concord, santa rosa. and still 50s through livermore but it is going to warm up nicely. and 89 degrees in antioch 60s for half moon bay. with mostly low 80s 82 degrees in santa rosa. and 84 degrees expected for napa valley. your full forecast coming up. >> we start this morning with developing new san francisco police aren't investigating a homicide in the bay view district. it happened to near 1:30 a.m. near hilltop park. no word on any arrests. >> to the south bay in san jose one person is recovering after a car crashes into a house overnight. it slammed into an intersection at mayberry. and white road. one person was taken to hospital the house however sustained major damage. >> the city of oakland is striving to fight crime. with pastor, clergy. andd dal.. these are walking and speaking to people. pastors, activists want to cain trust with people out in the street. offering help to people associated with violence partnership with churches serious crime in the violence in the city. >> the response has been positive. we are in this place where there is a lot o
is trying a new crime fighting tool. pasters and clergy marching for peace. kron 4's da lin has more. >> reporter: this is a different kind of march, no chanting and no signs. instead they walked up to young people and talked to them late at night. the pastors aim to build trust and relationships with young people on the streets. police say many of oakland's murders are committed be team in their teens and 20s. >> positive. positive. as you can see we are reaching the community and we are in places where there is a lot of killings. >> they want to see what kind of help they could offer, food, shelter, job training. they call this the night walk. operation cease fire. >> the light shines brightest in the darkest places. we are willing to go out to bring good news. >> reporter: they took part in the march friday night in east oakland. this is oakland's second attempt to implement operation cease fire. >> you will find some cities feel like they could operate pieces of it. in 20009 that is what happened -- 2009 that is what happened. >> reporter: it succeeded in boston and they helped t
the governments and the companies between the two sides. as the largest economy in the u.s., california boasts the resources and a strong advantage in high tech, bio-science, agriculture, fisheries, and the forestry, and even tourism. and in terms of cooperation with china, california enjoys exceptional economic, cultural, and geographical locations and advantages. it is always is the gateway of the united states to china. as the economic and trade cooperation between china and the united states and california deepens, now we believe that trade and investment keeps growing. china is the third largest export destination for california. many multinationals like hp, intel, cisco, and chevron are doing well in china. they're making money in china. at the same time, as the close relationship is going on, many chinese companies are working in san francisco in california. i would like to name a few. the tsl, ciuts, just to name a few. these are successful chinese companies working here. as the american companies in china, the chinese companies working in california in san francisco are also making co
of the u.s. ambassador in libya and calls for more attacks on u.s. embassies. hundreds of afghans have taken to the streets shouting death to america. protesting the antes islammic film the white house blames for starting all of this. those deadly protests now span more than 20 countries world wide stretching as far away as sydney, australia. calm has now returned to egypt. the center of the so-called arab spring. but only because egyptian police have finally cleared protesters from the streets. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in washington. we have live team coverage from afghanistan to the white house. let's begin with conner powell who is joining us live from kabul. conner? >> a deadly few hours here in afghanistan. few hours ago we got word that a member of the afghan security forces turned his weapon on two nato troops and shot and killed killed -- late last night, the taliban launched a deadly and sophisticated raid on a very large u.s. and nato base in helman province of 10:00 p.m., dozens of insurgented launched an attack. they managed to go ahead inside the perimeter
>>> protests and security concerns spread across the muslim world agency the u.s. ordered families of diplomats out of sudan and tunisia. >>> and after more than a year, a maryland mother speaks about the murder of her daughter and how she's keeping her memory alive. >>> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. we begin in the middle east where anger sparked by an anti-muslim film continues to grow. yemen's al qaeda branch is calling for more attack on u.s. embassies, and praised the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in libya earlier this week. that prompted an elite u.s. marine rapid response team to be deployed to yemen today. meanwhile, in its first interview, libya's president told "nbc news at sunrise," the attack was carried out by libyans and foreigners. the first time foreigners were said to be involve the in the attack. the state department is tell families of u.s. diplomats to leave. more on the growing violence. >> reporter: the anti-islamic movie showed is signs of subsiding in cairo. a striking contrast to the days of anti-american demonstrations that spread across nor
-american rallies are happening in more than a dozen countries throughout the middle east. the assault on u.s. embassies are continuing and have turned deadly carry four people have been killed. >> despite pleas for world leaders, the protests and violence are spreading. this was the scene in jerusalem. in gaza, thousands of palestinians joined demonstrations after friday's prayers shouting death to america and israel. and the images from across much of the muslim rolfe told a story, angry protesters on the march. wall over the over comparable u.s. flags. buildings set on fire. one of the alarming trends, protesters have managed to reach embassies in several cities despite heavy security. in lebanon, symbols of the west or targeted including this kfc. krupp protesters have been throwing rocks and gasoline bombs near the embassy. police have been making arrests that they have been unable to stop the violence even if this was the scene outside a hotel. large crowds have gathered in iraq and a string of countries including yemen, bangladesh, kuwait, malaysia and iran. a low-budget movie made in
killing two u.s. service members. a maryland national guard unit charged with training police in afghanistan and arrived home today. george joins us with more. >> more than 40 members of the maryland national guard came home to a ceremony here in hunt valley. they were assigned to the international assistance force in afghanistan. they helped to train the afghan army and police to fight the taliban on their own. there are mixed emotions as they learned of the shooting of a nato service member, allegedly and hands of an afghan trainee. it speaks to the difficulty of their mission. >> we have solid leadership. i am confident all the counter measures have been put in place and we will continue to do what is right for the soldiers performing the mission. >> i have four children. he is the first i did not get to see born. the sacrifice we do, it pays off. we come home. it is a good feeling. >> these men and women spent a year and afghanistan. they deployed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year. for many of these folks, this was their third tour in afghanistan. this was the unit
the muslim world this week, sparked by a low budget movie by a mystery film maker. the u.s. embassies found themselves under attack by outraged mobs and in some cases forces fired on mobs with deadly consequences and all of it caused a dramatic shift in the presidential campaign as foreign policy suddenly took center stage. ben wedeman is back in cairo. it seems that this weekend there seems to be a cooling of heads to a certain degree in egypt. is that what you're seeing, ben? >> certainly among the leaders of the muslim brotherhood and in the administration of the egyptian president, there is an attempt to calm down the situation rhetorically. and certainly we've seen in messages conveyed by leaders of the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian president, they're trying to send a message of reassurance to washington. but at the same time they're kind of walking a tight rope between washington and the street here in egypt, where there is anger, where we have seen these protests really going on around the clock. and therefore there's a difference between what we're hearing in english from the
nicos , causo pánico en los estudiantes . >>> había peligro nada más . >>> estamos trabajando y me dijeron que me vaya . >>> las autoridades , despejaron cualquier amenaza , sin embargo las clases de la tare fueron canceladas . >>> y el mercado inmoviliario està en su mejor momento , se vendieron más de 800 mil casas , y presenta un aumento del 14 % el mercado de las viviendas no està saludable . ,>>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> en el marco de un aniversario más el consulado de mexico , està en manteles largo más detalles . >>> gracias , los saludo con mucho gusto , y bueno a unas cuantas horas que se realize el aniversario hay una exhibicion , y hoy justamente se va a inaugurar , pero luego los detalles que constituye la importancia de està exhibicion de arte . >>> las peredes , lucen en su interior una peculiar exhibicion y hace alucion alas celebraciónes de mexico , en esto caso lo hiciimos un día antes , se trata de una importante exposicion , entre ellos , también de origen ,y traen el trabajo de otros artistas ,que fueron diciúpulos, que reune varias ob
in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." >>> we will bring to justice those who took them from us. >> the u.s. embassy is under attack. blamed for protests against america in more than a dozen countries and the deaths of four americans. >>> red lines. they're the breaking points. the thresholds of no return and maybe what separates peace from war. all morning, we're putting red lines in focus. >>> you want to supersize that big mac and fries, you might think twice. mcdonald's starts listing calories on its menu next week. >>> it is saturday, september 15th, i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. >>> and we're starting this morning with those anti-american protests now in more than a dozen countries around the world. this video is from sydney, australia, where peaceful protest this morning turned violent. the confrontation between police and protesters happened in front of the u.s. consulate there. >>> also overnight in los angeles county, the man behind the film that sparked these protests were escorted from his home by police for questioning. >>> the protests in australia and the questioni
. hours after police secure the area near u.s. embassy in cairo, al-qaeda's branch in yemen is now calling for even more attacks against u.s. diplomatic posts around the world. meantime, in cairo, egypt, police finally restoring calm after four days of nonstop violence. sealing off the road leading to the u.s. embassy and pushing the protesters into tahrir score. we have more with molly henneberg live in washington and leeland vittert in egypt. we'll start with lee land. what's cairo like right now? >> behind me, tahrir square. it is a tense calm here this morning and this evening there are hundreds if not thousands of riot police who have been stationed around the city and then also around the u.s. embassy just in case these protesters came back. overnight it was a fierce street battle, would be the best word for it. tear gas and rubber bullets being fired by the army, which had dug in. the protesters hurling rocks and molotov cocktails and started just after friday prayers when things really picked up. a few thousand protesters, number of them carrying islamic flags, that black flag the
killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. at the center of these protests, the independent on-line movie made here that insults islam and ridicules the prophet, mohamed. but should youtube pull them from their site. thomas roman is live with the debate for us. thomas? >> president obama has deployed troops equiped for combat in libya and yemen to defend citizens and property. they fear it will worsen in the coming day usa cross the middle east -- across the middle east after violence sparked by a youtube video some say should be sensorred. in more than 30 countries they are rioting and two more countries are under siege due to the video called the innocence of muslim. it has, spaed anti-american violence -- it has spawned anti-american violence. he is with cay california's yemeni youth for change. >> it was shameful, disrespectful and outrageous frankly. something like this is put out to represent any people. >> he viewed the video recently and agrees with the muslim argument for taking it off the web, but disagrees with the
. looking at low clouds and fog all around the bay. temperatures in the 50s to the upper 40s right now. if you are planning your day here's the way it's going to look with 4050s to start out at our coast. we will hold on to the low clouds and the fog for some time. but by the midday hour everyone is mostly sunny and will enjoy the weather. mid-60s around the bay to the upper 60s inland. that gives you an idea how warm it is going to be by the afternoon. are going to climb another 10, 15 degrees to the upper 80s, near 90 with upper 70s around the bay. keeping it cool with the on shore flow at the coast and that's a hint for what's to come for the second half of the weekend. we are talking cooler temperatures spreading across the bay. i'll have that forecast for you coming up a bit later. terry. >> thanks a lot, lisa. new this morning, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world take place today. in the bay area this morning thousands of volunteers are expected to hit beaches, shore lines and inland waterways for the state's 28th annual coastal cleanup day. put on gloves and pick u
base in afghanistan that left two u.s. marines dead, several other troops wounded and the taliban now claiming responsibility for the assault on camp leatherneck. that is southern helmand province, to avenge an anti-muslim film produced in the united states. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm header childers. u.s. na to have coalition say insurgents surged the embassy last night. how did the militants get past all that security to begin with. conner is live in kabul with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of more serious breaches we've seen in afghanistan. it's not clear how they got in the outer rim of security into the camp leatherneck area. they say at least 17 taliban fighters breached the outer perimeter of security. once they were inside they launched a massive attack on the camp. this is a camp where there are more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops including prince harry is also stationed there. the attack lasted for some period of time. it started after 10:00 p.m. last night. taliban hit the base with small arms, to grena
are in the 50s. by noontime we will with without the fog. mostly sunny conditions with 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay. but by the afternoon we will reach in the upper 80s to lower 90s. and we will have sunshine and about 60 at our coast. cooling off with more low clouds and fog by the bay this evening. so the pattern remains pretty much unchanged, although tomorrow we are talking about some subtle changes in the forecast. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >> look forward to it, lisa. thanks very much. new this morning, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world take place today and here in the bay area this morning thousands of volunteers are expected to hit beaches, shore lines and inland waterways for the state's 28th annual coastal cleanup day. put on gloves and pick up trash, debris and other discarded junk that paw let's our beautiful coastline and rivers. in fact, more than 100 countries will take part in an international effort. it is spread worldwide with 9 million pounds ever garbage picked up last year. our coastal commission said more than 1.3 millio
son más violentas las protestas en las embajadas de los estados unidos. >> con una bara de metal llegó atravesado un hombre al hospital. >> un perro es el mejor amigo de su amo, y lo visita en el cementerio. >> se lució en la pista de "mira quien baila", esto y más en "primer impacto". >> un jefe de la policía abusaba de su poder para llevar a los arrestados a la cama. >> les saluda bárbara bermúdez, pamela está en una asignación especial, gracias por estar con nosotros y más adelante tenemos las imágenes de un policía que era abusador. >>aahora mostramos la noticia de una muerte de un hispano por manos de un alguacil. >> este es el momento en que un agente del alguacil se detiene frente a tres hombres, uno de ellos se echa a correr y el oficial le dispara 7 veces, el último tiro lo hizo a quema ropa, cuando el hombre ya estaba tirado en el piso. >> su error fue correr, no es causa para matarlo. >> la familia de cuevas acaban de ver las imágenes grabadas hace dos años, pero que solo ahora fueron entregadas, para su esposa mirar esto fue doloroso. >> sí, es diferente a lo
on that in just a moment. the anti-u.s. anger has reached as far as australia. protesters carried signs saying obama, obama, we like osama as they rallied in front of the u.s. consulate in front of sydney today. haters of america have defiled the stars and stripes, broken on to a diplomatic property and clashed with police. in tunisia, two protesters died friday. the death toll is expected to climb. in sudan, british and german embassies are tightening security after attacks there. and in afghanistan this is the second day protesters burned obama in effigy. two u.s. marines are dead. officials say 20 armed terrorists infiltrated the base perimeter of the british military complex last month. anna, the taliban have claimed responsibility for this attack. tell us exactly what happened. >> reporter: we are getting confirmation that two marines, as you mentioned in your introduction, have died. several were wounded when 20 insurgents attacked the camp. this is taliban heartland. now they used small weapons, rocket propelled grenades, as well as suicide ied vests to infiltra infiltrate. this is a he
. turned violent with protesters clashing with police near the consulate. especially trained u.s. marines were sent to help beef up security. in benghazi, four americans were killed in the first few hours of the protests there. their bodies were returned to the u.s. on friday. cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon visited the ruins of the destroyed consulate and she has more on what happened and why. >> amid the ash, soot and debris, remnants of a life that was and what it meant to those stationed here. scrawled on this sheet, libya is so important. traces of blood stained the walls. what is now a blackened ruin, was a pleasant compound in an upscale benghazi neighborhood. libyan officials say tuesday night's attack was planned by islamist militants and quickly overwhelmed the libyan and american guards. the compound's first line of defense easily breached. according to one of the libyan guards who was stationed at the gate, armed with only a radio, the assault happened simultaneously from three different directions. he says that he initially heard chanting growing increasin
coast and in and around marin county but we'll warm it up. nice temperature spread, 60s and 70s around the bay with some 80s as you head to our east bay valleys. today will be pretty warm in our inland valleys. changes coming up in the second half of the weekend new this morning, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the world takes place today. here in the bay area, those of volunteers are expected to hit beaches, shorelines for the state's coastal cleanup day. they will be picking up debris and other discarded junk. more than a hundred countries are taking part in an international day. 9 million pounds of garbage picked up last year. coastal commission says 1.3 million pounds of trash was picked up here in california alone. volunteers started at dozens of location. lake merritt is cleaning up and san jose, guadalupe visitors center at 4:30 on coleman avenue. in richmond head to the park and marina parkway. many, many more local events posted on their website. >>> also new this morning, first search for sierra lamar since the effort was cut back to saturdays only is under way. it ha
for giving two u.s. marines at camp leatherneck in. and nearly 20 armed militants stormed the security perimeter using automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades and explosives, forces killing nearly all the attackers, and saying they attacked the base bus prince harry is there, doing military duty at that base and to avenge an anti-islam film that insulted the prophet muhammad. let's get the facts on this. connor powell streaming live from afghanistan with the latest, connor? >> jamie, it's been a deadly 24 hours in helmand province. the growing line of insider attacks. and taliban had a blazon attack on camp leatherneck, home to rah means and prince harry is there as part of an apache helicopter unit deployed there and the taliban say they launched this attack in order to not only capture prince harry, but also, to, in response to the ongoing turmoil in the middle east and anti-islamic video. at no time during that attack, small arms, grenades and weapons of attacking that camp at no time was that prince ever in danger, however, both the u.s. and british military said two u.s. m
. it is not clear if this attack was linked to the anti-muslim film. they have been returned to u.s. soil during a ceremony at joint base andrews. president obama and hillary clinton voiced their commercial words for christopher stephens in the three others who were killed at a bombing in the u.s. consulate in libya. protesters take aim at american embassies. autria godfrey has the latest. >> attempting to stop the rage, and egyptian officials denounced it deaths of the four americans who were welcomed home today to grieving families and leaders. ♪ a heartbreaking homecoming. the four caskets were carried off the condo plane this happening. they were welcomed by their morning families. >> they knew the danger. they did not simply increase the american ideal, they lifted. >> the lives were honored by a president proud of their sacrifice. the secretary of state remembered a friend. >> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. he won friends in for fun -- in far places. >> it has been four days. there have been all of riots. the anti-american sentiment reached on in cairo. in the capital of
tragedy in afghanistan, two u.s. marines reported killed, is in any way connected to the rioting across the muslim world because of the movie. that, of course, will be looked into. candidate paul ryan implied today none of this would be going on if mitt romney were in the white house. president obama today, for his part, took a hard line. as anti-american rioting spread through the muslim world, president obama was on hand for the return of the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya chris stephen and his three colleagues, murder bade mob on the 9/11 anniversary tuesday. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute. for we are americans. and we hold our head high. >> reporter: but the protests widened. this was iraq. in lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned at kfc and had hardens. this was gaza. many egyptians are still furious over that anti-muslim film made in the u.s. and it's not just arab nations. muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bang
out there, 50 to 60 degrees, into the afternoon hours, temperatures ranging from the lower 60s to around 90 degrees for the warmest locations inland. coming up in about 8 minutes, we'll take a look at the numbers in your neighborhood and also highlight the changes you can expect the second half of the weekend. >>> new this morning, san jose police are investigating after a truck driver hit and killed an 8-year-old boy on a small motorized bike. ktvu's alex savage, live this morning in san jose to explain what led to the deadly accident. >> reporter: well, this crash clearly has had an impact on people in this neighborhood. you can look over here and see there's been a memorial set up for this 8-year-old boy who was killed. people have left flowers and candles here at the scene. he was riding on what police refer to as a pocket bike, a small electric motorcycle, when he was hit by a truck. now, this accident happened just before 8:00 last night on the 800 block of farm drive. san jose police say this boy rode into the street, right into the path of that truck. he suffered major
temperatures for saturday by the bay. 70s and inland, mid up toer 80s f you're headed out to the game, one of the lucky ones, they're going up against usc, 4:30. temperatures expected in the upper 70s to near 80. we'll have more coming up. >>> the bodies of four americans who killed the in attack in libya were returned to the united states today. president obama promised the killers will face justice. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about bay area product chris stevens who died in that attack. >> i was honored to snow ambassador chris stevens. i want to thank his parents and s siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. >> much of his family is still here in the bay area. stevens grew up in piedmont and went to cal. the president and secretary of state made their comments before flag draped coffins at an hanger in maryland. >>> the anti-american demonstrations continue today. now expanding beyond arab nations. this protest in london. riots have broken out in 20 different countries against the anti-islamic film made in the u.s. there was damage in le
in the middle east. this one took place in australia overnight. protesters there clashed with police near the u.s. consulate. we'll take you live to cairo in just a minute or so for more on the massive protests that have been going on there. >> the worst of these protests was in libya. four americans were killed. their bodies were returned to the u.s. friday. christopher stevens was the ax to libya and was instrumental in building relations with rebels during the uprising against moammar gadhafi. sean smith was an air force veteran who served in missions from baghdad to benghazi. tyrone woods and glen doherty were former navy s.e.a.l.s who were working as diplomatic security officers at the u.s. consulate. the bodies were met by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton, vice president joe biden and president barack obama. >> but even as voices of mistrust and suspicion seem to divide countries and cultures from one another, the united states of america will never retreat from the world. >> we've seen the anti-american protests popping up in more than a dozen countries now, but not all of them have
. and insighting others to go after u.s. facilities and our journalist on the ground as we witness the latest effort to protect americans under threat. >> americans under attack overseas in afghanistan. the nato forces confirming a man dressed as an afghan police officer shot and killed two nato police officers. >> the green on blue attacks are so common. our fighters had to stop training their afghan counter parts. all of this on another attack in afghanistan. we first told you about a braisep assault by the that took the lives of two u.s. marines. it happened in camp leathernect which our forces share with forces. u.s. marines and fbi on the move in libya to hun down the killer who is ambushed our concullate and threat remains for americans living over seas in the rash of anti-american protest in the muslim world. look at this map that shows the recent scope of violence. and this map actually doesn't show the full extent of what is they are not geth on the planes tonight. >> they are ordering all family members and a nonemergency nonessential personnel out of the country and sudan. and just
statement reading in part fbi abides by district guidelines set forth by the u.s. attorney. a spokesperson referred me to a field gifd spelling out efforts aimed at any effort aimed at shutting town a shipping port or airport. one member tell meez she's not surprised to heart group has been monitored by federal agents. >> there is always government surveillance of movements. and that is what is going on. there is a constant repression of people trying to push back against the status quo, against the way things are. >> and according to the document the fbi would apparently not engage with the group, and would dispatch information to local police agencies and also, to security details at the port of oakland. and also, oakland international airport. live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and later tonight michael finney will look into how the fbi can force a company to turn over their records on you. >> and there is a celebration going on in oakland now that is in a neighborhood south of lake merit. those living there have been battling prostitution for years. and tonight word
homecoming today for those 4 americans killed in libya. shawn smith. glen doherty. tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. casket met by grieving family along with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. more tonight from martha. >> if up late at tonight you you have undoubtedly seen one of these. >> super snack. >> we apologize we will try to get that piece by martha in for you in just a moment. >> president obama today called the leaders of will i objectia, egypt and yemen asking them to ensure the country security in police to protect americans. he notified congress he was sending combat equip marines to protect american interest. situation is still unstable there. we are on the ground in cairo. >> in cairo today the u.s. embassy under siege. running battle between protestor hurling rock and security force firing back tear gas an water canon. using a create wall to defend the embassy. what is it you want. >> promise from american government that will not happen next year or any other year any more. all government stop disrespecting muslims. stop disres
the u.s. rome before the fall? good morning, i'm christine romans. movies like "gladiator" depicted rome at height of its supremacy, but the last time i checked the roman empire is ancient history. how does this turn into this? historians tell us the romans, like many civilizations before and after, collapsed under the weight of too much debt, an overextended military, debilitating partisanship and fiscal irresponsibility drove the roman empire into the ground. does any of that sound familiar? the u.s. currently has $16 trillion in debt, up from less than $1 trillion in 1980. driving that debt, tax cuts for the rich, two expensive wars in the middle east and prolific spending to blunt an economic downturn. meanwhile in washington, a congress that goes back to work to do nothing. on top of what we already owe, there's another $20 trillion to $50 trillion the government will immediate to fulfill its promises on social security and medicare as the baby boomers retire. >> i don't think it's just for the next generation for us to pass on massive debts that we've amassed. >> reporter: and
people are dead and 28 wounded as protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in the capital tunis. >> the pope brings a message of peace and reconciliation to 11 on, but his visit is also marred by deadly protests. violence is sweeping parts of the mideast in africa as protesters vent their anger over an anti-islam video. now, they are not just aiming their targets at the u.s. >> we go to sudan where thousands of demonstrators stormed the german and british embassies in the capital khartoum. reports says -- say they smashed windows before heading to the u.s. embassy. >> berlin says embassy staff are safe, but there are reports of one death near the u.s. mission. >> we will go live in just a moment, but first, we have this report. >> the violence erupted after friday prayers. an angry crowd stormed the german embassy in khartoum. smoke and flying rocks filled the air. their rage is directed toward germany and the west in general. >> when they insult our beliefs, our religion under the slogan of freedom and democracy, we say to hell with freedom and democracy when it touches religion and faith.
the highest rate in the state >>> a high murder rate it as a lot to do with rival gangs >>> the d.a.'s office is hemorrhaging lawyers the work load is unmanageable. >>> over the course of the last six months we've had 10-15 percent leave that is a constant over the last couple of years. you can only get so much work when you diminish the service >>> deputy district attorney barry grove says they are leaving because of new contract it imposed by the board of supervisors it decreases pay increases retirement age and makes them responsible for health and dental coverage. >>> we stand ready to agree what is necessary but not is not what is political >>> i don't know i have a response to that chisholm she is the chairman of the board of supervisors we feel we have a fair offer on the table that lowers costs for the life of the contract which is short-term, addresses pension reform and lowers health care real liability. >>> if they argued it is anything but fair that public defenders not forced to make cuts >>> they're spending more to get criminals out of jail than to prosecute them >>> the das ar
in to the 50s. nice i. radar showing us that the bulk of the heaviest activity the rain well up to central pennsylvania. out around state college, maybe a couple scattered showers. not really headlining that. the winds pick up as we go in to the next 24 hours, 69 in town. look at frederick. we had temperatures in to the 50s in pittsburgh. that is the cooler air that will come into place. the planner looks like this. we will start out tomorrow morning with 60 degrees, the breeze picked up around lunch or 72 degrees. afternoon highs between 70 to 75 in the city and then nice cooldown as we head into sunday and monday. we will talk tropics and nadine over the central atlantic. >> thank you. two murders this summer at a bar in parkville may change how the owners do business. the liquor board will review the license for that establishment. >> reporter: >> reporter: if the license is taken the bar may have to shut down. people who live next door say it's a long time coming and reason to celebrate. everybody knows the name but it's not celebrated like cheers in boston. the bar has captured headl
it. and as part of an effort, a u.s. marine rapid response team has now been dispatched to sudan. teams have already been sent to yemen and libya. derek. >>. >>> well, there is some bad news on the economic front. credit rating is downgraded in the united states. debt from aa to aaaa minus. the firm says purchasing billions of dollars in mortgage bounds actually reduces the value of the dollar and raises the price of commodities like oil, and that hurts businesses and consumers. >>> tonight at 11:00, we've got brand new video of a man police are trying to track down. last thursday night, a woman was sexually assaulted along 45th place in northeast washington. police say that man in the striped shirt followed the victim through the tunnel at the dean wood metro station. he was wearing a striped polo and khakis. a guy in his 20s about 5'7", around 160 pounds. if you have information about what happened that night, please call police. >>> we have also got an update on a story we brought you last night at 11:00. >> a fairfax county man whose death sentence and conviction has been thr
on a base in afghanistan. two u.s. marines have been killed. we don't know if it's related to the same anti-american protests raging in the region, but it does come on a day when america witnessed a somber homecoming. ♪ sean smith, glen doherty, tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. their caskets met by their grieving families, the president and secretary of state clinton. the first time in more than 30 years a u.s. ambassador has been killed by violence. we'll have more on what the president and the secretary of state said to the families and to the nation in just a moment. but first, we're going to get back to the latest on those afghanistan attacks we're learning of. abc's senior foreign affairs correspondent, martha raddatz in washington tonight. martha, what do we know? >> reporter: this is what we know right now. it was a big attack on camp bastion in southern afghanistan. this is a base divided between a british side and an american side, and it was a complex attack involving many militants. as you said, two marines killed, three or four wounded and two harrier aircraft d
ama dayton. we start with the u.s. embassies overseas. the state department ordered family members and nonemergency personnel to leave the embassies in sudan and tunisia. they canceled visits to libya to probe the killings of four americans at the embassy there. we are getting a glimpse of the man who started the video. we have more from afghanistan. >> around the world scenes of anger and raw emotion. in pakistan protestors stomp on the u.s. flag and in egypt emergency crews struggled to regain control after a night of rioting. the anger had even tread down under. >> some of that anger has again turned deadly. in afghanistan the taliban released this video, the aftermath of a revenge attack storming into a base killing two u.s. marines and wounding many more all this while the man believes to be behind the controversial film seen here with his face and head covered met overnight with probation officers. they are investigating his activities. today members of his own christian community are distancing themselves from his actions. >> we reject violence we reject insensitivity. this
this evening. along the coastline, temperatures are quite cool, in the low 50s in daly city, 56 in san francisco, 59 in oakland but still pretty mild and our inland valleys. near 80 degrees in antioch. here is what you can expect overnight, coastal and bay fog will return. we will see a quick clearing everywhere except the coastline sunny skies and warmer temperatures with more 80 degree readings, especially in the north bay and the south bay we will start to see cooler conditions on sunday and again as we head into next week. a look your extended forecast is coming up. >>pam: coming up, some controversial comments from mitt romney. those are not the only comments causing a stir on the campaign trail. other remarks about what he wears when he sleeps and why he is a big fan of sneaky. more violent protests sparked across the middle east in what the u.s. is doing to keep citizens overseas safe. a bay area author is a new mother. her heroic story is coming up. the savings really stack up during sleep train's inventory clearance sale. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons
marine base in afghanistan. we're confirming now that two u.s. marines have been killed, several more service members have been injured in this attack. also, we can tell you that prince harry, the royals prince harry, when he redeployed to afghanistan last week, he is now based at this base. again, the british control one side. the americans control the other. we're told prince harry is not in any danger. he is there to fly british attack helicopters, the apaches. >> there were also effigies of president obama burned in afghanistan toy and we've seen things like that in other places like egypt. were the attacks at the base and helmand province related? >> we asked the headquarters there in afghanistan and they said right now, it's just too early to tell on this particular attack. he did say there were no organized protests outside the base proceeding the attack and i've been to that base several times. it's in the middle of nowhere. there are no large communities next to the base, but again, there have been demonstrations in afghanistan, still a little early to tell whether the video
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